Trudy Cordero is the winner of the first in a series of handmade afghan blankets created by long-time Community Blood Center friend and donor Fran Duell.  Fran made the bright red, white and blue afghan in observation of the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Trudy didn’t know about the drawing when she donated at the downtown Dayton CBC branch.  While waiting for her husband (“he’s kind of pokey,” explains Trudy) she noticed the box with Fran’s picture holding the quilts.  “I was compelled to enter it,” she said.

Trudy was thrilled to win and her first thought was finding a way to thank Fran for her generosity and craftsmanship.   Trudy has tried her hand at crocheting, but came to the conclusion it’s just not her talent.

“I appreciate it even more because of that,” she says.  “I don’t have the patience for it. It gives me an appreciation for other people’s work.”

 Fran says she can complete a blanket in about two weeks.  Over the years she has knitted more than 400 afghans, most of them donated to good causes and to help people in need.

  Her “Spirit of Ohio” afghan is now up for grabs.  Anyone who registers to donate between September 19 and October 1 can enter, but they must also guess the eight Ohio colleges represented by their team colors in the blanket design.

Upcoming drawings include a pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month afghan in October and the annual Ohio State vs. Michigan blanket in November

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