Piqua High School Principal Tony Lyons got his wish Friday night.  He got to stand on the turf of arch rival Troy at Troy Memorial Stadium Friday night and take the giant, $1,000 check made out to Piqua High School as winner of the Community Blood Center (CBC) Troy-Piqua Challenge Blood Drive.

US Bank Piqua Branch Manger Eric Stetzel (and daughter) present the $1,000 to Piqua High School, winner of the 2011 Community Blood Center Troy-Piqua Challenge Blood Drive.

This marked the 14th year US Bank has supported the Challenge by hosting community blood drives at the Troy and Piqua bank branches and awarding $1,000 to the winning school for the purchase of educational materials.

On the field for the check presentation were Troy High School Principal Randy Hicks, US Bank Piqua Branch Manager Eric Stetzel, US Bank Troy Branch Managers Deborah Wildermuth and Jennifer Honeyman, and CBC Representative John Thalman.  

The Challenge began with the Troy High School Drive on September 7 followed by the Troy community drive on Sept. 26.  Piqua High School held its drive September 30 and the final “votes” of the Challenge were cast in the Piqua community drive on October 3.  CBC rep Jon Thalman and the CBC collections crew handled 100 registrations that day, a total that put Piqua over the top. 

The high school competition was very close with 100 registrations for Troy compared to 98 for Piqua.  In the combined high school and community drive Challenge count Piqua won by 139 “votes” to Troy’s 128.

Overall, the Challenge results in 267 collected units of blood.

As US Bank District Manager Pete Bardonaro put it, “There are only winners from this competition because of the many individuals impacted from this generous giving.”

And as Donor Relations Director Andrew Keeler added, “What better way to celebrate community pride, achievement and best of all the spirit of helping neighbors than with the Troy-Piqua Challenge.”

Ultimately, Troy and Piqua shared bragging rights Friday night. Troy dominated the football game that followed the check ceremony, winning 27-7.  The Troy-Piqua football rivalry dates back to 1899 and is one of the oldest in the state.

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