November Hat!

Receive this hat when you register to donate blood Oct. 31 - Nov. 12!

You’re not going outside in this weather without a hat, are you?  When mom asked that question, you already knew the answer.  Community Blood Center (CBC) is just as concerned with keeping your noggin cozy this winter, and the answer is the “Blood Donorknit beanie.

Beginning October 31 through Saturday, November 12 CBC is offering the beanie as a warm thank-you to everyone who registers to donate blood at all CBC branches and most CBC blood drives. Not only can donors wear this hat with pride, it will become their dependable winter companion.  The beanie is an acrylic knit in popular scarlet and gray colors.  “Blood Donor” and a small blood drop emblem are inscribed on the outer grey band, and a fleece headband liner provides itch-free comfort. 

The knit beanie is the latest in a series of CBC fall giveaways that celebrate the dropping temperatures, changing colors and tradition-laden holiday celebrations of autumn in the Midwest.  Also in November, the Dayton CBC branch will host a drawing for a handmade afghan blanket in Ohio State colors in celebration of the annual OSU-Michigan game.

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