Washer & Dryer Giveaway

Whirlpool Greenville Plant Leader Bill Good (L), washer and dryer winner Phyllis Riegle and Darke Co. CBC rep Dana Puterbaugh.

The presentation of a new Whirlpool 100th anniversary washer and dryer set Monday, November 29 at Whirlpool’s Greenville plant was a fitting end to the Community Blood Center (CBC) “Darke County Days – 100 Days of Giving” campaign.  Winner Phyllis Riegle of Pitsburg had to admit that she is such a regular blood donor she couldn’t guess which drive she attended when she entered the drawing. 

“I’ve been giving blood every time you can give it, and usually in Greenville,” said Phyllis.  “My mom had cancer, was going through chemo and had a lot of blood transfusions.  That got me thinking about giving blood again and it’s been a family thing that we do.” 

Donating is not the only “family thing” Phyllis and her husband John do.  “We’re known for our chicken,” says Phyllis.  They run the Vint’s Family Restaurant in Greenville near the Darke County Fairgrounds.  She and John met when they worked there as teenagers.  “We never dreamed we’d be back there again!” says Phyllis. 

She also never dreamed of winning the washer and dryer.  “I’ve never won anything this big in my life!” she said.  “It was like, you won! Are you sure?”  But that wasn’t the end of the surprises.  Phyllis and John figured their current washer and dryer set is just a few years old, so why not give the new appliances to their daughter and her husband.  “She’s also a blood donor,” said Phyllis, “so her named could have been called as easily as mine.”  Plus, they have a seven and a 10 year old, so as Phyllis puts it, “They go through a lot of clothes!” 

A theme of the “100 Days of Giving” campaign was how easy it is to take for granted both the convenience of a washing machine and the expected lifeline of a safe and sufficient blood supply.  Whirlpool Corporation, Darke County’s biggest employer, celebrated the company’s 100th anniversary on November 11.  The “Darke County Days” blood drives began August 2 and continued through the 100 days leading up to the Whirlpool Centennial. 

 The campaign was a remarkable success.  CBC completed 45 community, school and business blood drives during the 100 days with more than 2,000 registrations to donate blood, including 150 first-time donors. 

Everyone who registered to donate during “Darke County Days” was automatically entered into the drawing to win a new Whirlpool washer and dryer set, or one of eight KitchenAid small appliances. 

Whirlpool has been manufacturing KitchenAid stand mixers in Greenville since 1986 and has approximately 900 employees.

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