Ken Oswald making lifetime donation #169.

Sandy Oswald of Springboro making lifetime donation #200.

Sandy Oswald settled into to her platelet donation – her milestone 200th lifetime donation (LTD) – with her cozy red fleece sweater and a copy of Erma Bombeck’s “At Wit’s End.”  She soon had a matching red blanket to stay nice and toasty.   A few beds away her husband Ken wore his green “Honor, Duty, Donor” t-shirt, plus a green blanket to stay cozy as he made an automated plasma donation, his 169th LTD. 

 The couple spent part of their morning on Tuesday, November 29 at the Dayton Community Blood Center (CBC) wrapped red and green like holiday gifts, perfect visitors during the season of giving.  They are used to giving, and whenever asked, to giving more. 

“I always gave whole blood since I was O-negative,” says Sandy.   “Kay (Collections Services Director Kay Ollech) asked me ‘why don’t you do platelets?’ When I first started it took more than three hours!  I remember once I was on a machine that had me connected on one arm and then the other.  Vickie (CBC collections staff member) sat next to me with a tissue to itch my nose!” 

The collection time has improved drastically with new machines, plus Sandy says she has more time to visit CBC because she and Ken are retired.  She enlisted in the Army at age 19 and eventually worked as an auditor at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, where she said her best job was buying the first drones, and actually seeing one launched. 

But she says she is more amazed by how much she can do for others from the relative idleness of a CBC donor room bed.   “It’s just a great feeling,” she says, “to know someone is getting help by me just sitting here.” 

Congratulations on LTD 200 Sandy and enjoy the season!  We know we will be seeing you and Ken again soon.


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