Blood Donor and Cash Explosion winner Bobby McIntosh

The message is right there on the Community Blood Center (CBC) holiday season t-shirt: “Good Things Come to Those Who Give Blood.”  It’s always about the good feeling that comes from helping save lives.  But if you ask Bobby McIntosh of Moraine, there may be a connection between donating platelets and winning big on the Ohio Lottery “Cash Explosion” game show. 

For Bobby, apheresis donating has always been about giving back.  “I’ve been doing it ever since my daughter had open heart surgery in 2006,” he explained.  “I said I was going to replace everything she used, and I’m getting close!” 

Bobby’s visit to the downtown Dayton CBC Monday, December 19 completed his 33rd LTD, so he really is making good on his promise.  He also got support from a community blood drive in his daughter Sara’s name at the time of her surgery.  She needed a lot of blood and platelets, but thanks to the gift of life Sara is now 25, and according to Bobby, doing great. 

Maybe it was just luck, but Bobby feels he got a boomerang of “Good Things Come to Those Who Give Blood” when they called his name as a contestant on the Cash Explosion show.  He got calls from friends right away asking, “Did you hear your name called?”  Soon the Ohio Lottery representatives made the official call and on December 13 he was in Columbus, all expenses paid at a fancy hotel, ready to tape his appearance on Cash Explosion. 

The purchase of a two-dollar ticket had won him the chance to appear on the show.  He knew he was guaranteed at least $5,000 just for showing up, but it could be much more. 

As he waited back stage, Bobby said he was so nervous he was sweating.  A crowd of family members jammed the small studio and welcomed him with cheers and it was time to play.

“The letters flash by and under each letter is a dollar amount,” he said.  “The first letter I turned was for $5,000 right away.  I did good! I hit two bonuses and I had the biggest amount.”  He had won more than $11,000, and because he qualified for the championship round the amount was doubled. 

He added more in the championship, but was beaten by a woman who eventually earned $50,000.  But Bobby was happy with the runner-up money he earned: $43,000! 

After taxes, he’ll get a check for $29,620.  Not bad for a game of chance that went by in a flash. “There was a little break in between rounds that was like three seconds,” he recalled, “and then that was it.”

His daughter’s recovery and his Cash Explosion good fortune made Bobby reflect on how good things really do seem to come from doing good.  He remembered a friend who suffered a disability and could no longer work.  Bobby bought him an old car and fixed it up, twice replacing the engine.  Sometime after that he won $5,000 in a lottery game. 

Bobby is retired from GM and is active with the Miamisburg Eagles club.  His wife was laid off from her bookkeeping job a year and a half ago, so he says the winnings “couldn’t have come at a better time.”  He says it will help him pay off credit card debt and student loans, and have a Merry Christmas.

Bobby’s appearance on Cash Explosion will air on December 31.  What a way to start 2012!

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