Don’t look now blood donors… but SAL the Blood Hound is on your trail!  The loveable Community Blood Center (CBC) mascot paid a visit to the downtown Dayton center Wednesday, Feb. 8 so he could high-five blood donors, pal around with the Collection Services staff, drum up new donors and even make an apheresis donation! 

SAL hit it off right away with donor Debbie Saunders from Miami Township.  “He’s pretty cool,” said Debbie of her new friend.  “He’s very nice, and he’s wearing the t-shirt they gave me too.”

That would be the “Blood Donor – Heart of a Hero” t-shirt, free to anyone who registers to donate now through February 25. 

“It won’t look as good on me as it does on him!” said Debbie.  We’re not sure about that Debbie, even though SAL does wear the t-shirt pretty well.  Double-X was just his size!  SAL made the rounds of the donor room, posing for pictures with the staff.  He then went back to the telerecruiter stations in Donor Relations and surprised Sylvia Green and all his friends in the caller cubicles. 

Finally, he hit the streets to use his blood hound instincts to sniff out potential donors… and wave the “Heart of a Hero” t-shirt ad cars as they drove by on South Main Street.  SAL will do anything if it means enlisting new donors and living up to his name:  “Save A Life.”

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