First-time donor Sara Waymire at LexisNexis drive.

LexisNexis promises “experts at your fingertips” for the legal, education and government industries.  Thankfully for Community Blood Center (CBC) and countless blood recipients, those same experts don’t mind a prick on the fingertip as they donate at one of the six blood drives held each year on the sprawling Miamisburg campus of their world headquarters.

 It’s my first time here, and my first time ever!” says employee Sara Waymire from Miamisburg as she prepares to donate at the drive today, Feb. 9.  She says her dad Kirk Waymire “has been donating blood forever” and she wanted to follow his example.  “I called him because I was a little nervous.  He said, “Oh, the finger prick is the worst part and you’ll be fine!”  Turns out, says Sara, that dad was right.

 Donating is more of a routine for Anna Carsner.  “I’ve got special blood!” she says, noting that her combination blood type and Rh Factor make her a good match for pediatric transfusions. She appreciates how her company’s partnership with CBC makes it easy to donate.

 “It’s a definitely a plus because they do it on campus,” Says Anna.  “It eliminates all the prep time and wait time.  You couldn’t make it any more convenient.”

 “It’s wonderful!” says Human Resources Director Mark Bernatz as he finishes a juice after donating and looks over the fresh donuts in the Donor Café.  Karon Guthrie from HR, who assists drive chairwoman Kim Richardson is volunteering at the Café.  She explains how the company stocks the Café from its “Kwik Bytes” cafeteria service.  “We do that for our employees.  They are really responsive about giving back and we want to make sure they have something nice.”

 “We do a lot of community volunteering here,” says Mark Bernatz.  “This is a small example of what we do for our community.  The fact that you ‘sold out’ all the seats (all appointments were filled for the drive) is a testimony to our employees. They are great people.”

 Sarah Slamer from the marketing/operations group is enthusiastic about recruiting fellow employees for the drives.  We began donating blood when her college roommate was badly injured in a car accident.  “I keep bugging people!” she says, “Go sign up, go sign up.”

 The drive also has automated donations and today Kevin Chase is donating double red blood cells.  “I have a one-month old at home, so I’m kind of tired,” confesses Kevin.  “I figured I’d sit for awhile!”

 “They are so great,” says CBC Rep. Donna Teuscher.  “They host six drives a year and the appointments keep going up and up and up.  You just couldn’t ask for better support.”

 They do like to show their expertise at LexisNexis – including how to be a model for corporate blood drives!

Mark Bernatz and Karon Guthrie at the Donor Cafe.

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