DAYTON, Ohio – Bob Rosencrans’ grandson now has a week-old baby sister. The four miniature dachshunds that were lonely for his return have a new home. Despite losing the GM plant, and their mayor, the city of Moraine is moving ahead. Add to all that the lives saved through the blood donations made in his memory at Community Blood Center (CBC) and it must be true that somewhere Bob Rosencrans is smiling.
Rosencrans was killed in a traffic collision caused by a speeding driver on October 15, 2010, nine months after he ran unopposed and was elected Moraine mayor for a second time. He was a dedicated blood donor with more than 70 lifetime donations, so his family thought it a fitting tribute to sponsor a donation day in his honor on his birthday last year. On Wednesday, March 28 they sponsored Bob Rosencrans day again.
“We didn’t want it to be a one-time thing,” said his daughter Megan Rosencrans, who made her 25th lifetime donation Wednesday in his honor. “He made blood donations a lifetime commitment and we kind of wanted to follow through.”
His son Wes Rosencrans was able to show support at the sponsor day event, despite a new addition to the family. His new daughter Reese was due on March 28, but arrived a week early. “My wife kind of gave me permission, but it would have been kind of hard to leave. Now the baby’s great, mom is great, and big brother is adapting!”
Terri Murphy, a friend of Bob’s for more than 20 years, also knows about an expanding family. “I inherited Bob’s four dogs when he died,” she said as made her blood donation. “Four miniature dachshunds! I had three (I had the dad dachshund, he had the mom) and now I have seven.”
Terri knew she had to adopt Bob’s dogs when she saw the way they ran to the door, looking for their master. Loyalty just seems to be a Rosencrans legacy.
“Bob loved the city of Moraine,” said Terri, who served as campaign manager. “Everything he did was for the city. “That’s why he never gave up, even when he was recalled. He wasn’t going away.”
That recall vote came during a tumultuous time on Moraine City Council, where Bob was first elected in 1991. Bob wasn’t even challenged when he ran to reclaim his seat, and as Terri points out, “Even when he ran unopposed, he still got 900 votes. Most people won’t bother to vote if the candidate is unopposed, but it was show of support.”
Moraine entered the recession with the loss of the GM plant, its largest corporate citizen and greatest source of tax revenue. But the faith Bob Rosencrans always maintained in his city seems to have prevailed. “Sometimes when times are hardest, people seem to pull together,” says Terri.
It’s hard to know what would make Bob Rosencrans more proud: his resilient city, his new granddaughter Reese, or the way family and friends are following his example by giving the gift of life. We do know that when it came to love, leadership and loyalty he chose them all.

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