Krista, Cecilia, Jim and Leah Fox.

It was a Fox family outing today, Thursday, May 10 for Jim and Krista Fox from Huber Heights and their two daughters 22-year-old Cecilia and 19-year-old Leah.  It would include shopping, lunch and catching up with Leah who is just home from college.  But the day started with a family visit to the Dayton Community Blood Center (CBC) to donate.

Jim and Cecilia are both type O’s, but they had made today’s appointment long before getting the recent email urging type O’s to donate to help build up the reserve supply.  They also knew it was fresh-baked cookie day at the Dayton CBC, which they enjoyed in the Donor Café.  But again, this day was already planned as a family event.

Both Jim and Krista reached milestone donations today, Jim with 40 LTD and Krist with 10 LTD. Cecilia started donating at Ohio University, where she just graduated.  Leah is attending Ball State and is able to donate more often now compared to when she was playing high school sports.

They donated as a family for the first time last Christmas with the girls back home for the holiday break.  Ask them who was behind the family donation and all fingers instantly point to Jim.  “We’re trying to get karma on our side,” he says with a grin.  He explains that he started donating blood in college and says, “You guys knew I did and you wanted to do it.”

Jim teases Krista, saying, “It took awhile to get her to do it because she’s terrified of needles!” and Krista agrees.  But the talk turns instantly to the rewards.  They enjoy getting the phone calls saying their blood donation has gone a hospital patient, and they are gratified to know their blood often helps cancer patients and children.

When they decide they’ve had enough cookies it’s time say goodbye to everyone at the Donor Café and move on to the next stop on the Fox Family day schedule.  Like so many in the family of blood donors, the Fox family leaves CBC knowing no matter what the rest of the day holds in store, it is off to a splendid start.

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