MU junior Nina Hoffman receives her “Blood Donors Save Lives” lanyard after donating at the CBC Greek Week Blood Drive

OXFORD, Ohio – Greek Week 2012 got off to a flying start at Miami University Wednesday, Aug. 29 with an Olympiad of fraternity and sorority students flowing through the Shriver Center Multi-Purpose room for Day One of the two-day Community Blood Center (CBC) Greek Week Blood Drive.
“We’re excited to help,” said senior and Delta Zeta member Tenika Seitz, who served as co-chairperson of the Greek Week drive. “Marlene (CBC Rep. Marlene Bubash) said this is a vital time with the Labor Day holiday and the blood supply being really low, so we’re really excited to help.”
The Greeks came, they helped, and they gave! CBC set goals very high for the 2012 blood drive with more than 500 appointment time slots available per day. Pre-screening helped identify students with travel deferments and prevented them from going through the full registration process unnecessarily. On Wednesday 354 were able to register, donating 327 units of blood for 101 percent of goal.
CBC Rep. Marlene Bubash gives credit to her student co-chairs Tenika Seitz and Nathan Fenel. “They were great chairs,” said Marlene. “They did a great job recruiting and when you consider they just started school last Monday and made this happen, it’s a great achievement.”
Like last year, the Greek Week Blood drive was again scheduled about four weeks before the Greek Week competition (Sept. 27 – Oct. 6). Fraternities and sororities can get a head start on the competition by earning points for recruiting the most donors.
“We do it for the fun, and we love to win…” said Chai Omega member Nina Hoffman, a junior from Medina. “But we do it for the people who need it.”
Phi Mu sisters Christine Buehler, a junior from Omaha, Neb. And Katie Terlop, a sophomore from Cleveland, also supported the drive by volunteering in the Donor Café. “We won the blood drive last year, we had every single girl sign up,” they said, “and everyone signed up this year.”
Pittsburgh junior Melissa Baum is a Kappa Delta and also volunteered in the café. She handed Zeta Beta Tau member Dan Noviski his “first time donor” sticker and said, “This gives a good look for the Greek community.”
Amy Hutchinson, a Kappa Delta junior from Beavercreek, agreed as she enjoyed juice and cookies after donating. “It’s a good kick off,” she said. “It’s good to have one event that everyone – Greeks or not – can be involved in.”
Junior Gabby Jellison, a junior from Conway, is a non-Greek who wanted to be part of that campus-wide support. “I saw a sign and thought I’d drop in,” she said as she made her fifth lifetime donation.
Also helping bolster the success of the drive were students like Rebecca Yoder and Matt Weber, both from Cleveland. They sat side by side in the automated section of the donor room giving double red blood cell donations. An automated donation takes longer but neither seemed to mind. “It’s great,” said Matt as he read “The Five Dysfunctions of the Team” for his engineering leadership program. “I have to finish this book for my next class!”
Rebecca, a senior Alpha Gamma Delta, said, “I’m writing two papers and have two due tomorrow,” then admitted as she held up her smart phone, “but I’m watching a movie instead!”
Miami University started hosting blood drives in 1978 and now holds at least a dozen drives per year. Greek Week became a two-day drive in 2007 as the event grew to become the largest blood drive in the CBC service area. Despite that long history, the students who donate know that giving blood and saving lives is never routine.
“This is my third time donating,” said Sarah Huffman, a senior Phi Mu from Lima, “but I still get nervous. But my little sister in the sorority was signing up everybody and I said, I got one more person for ya!”

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