DAYTON, Ohio – The Rec Plex has become Community Blood Center’s (CBC) “home away from home” on the University of Dayton campus. UD’s enthusiastic support of blood donations exploded last year with 10 on-campus blood drives, and most of them took place at the Rec Plex. Now it’s off to the races for the 2012-2013 school year with 10 UD drives again on the calendar, beginning with the first of the year Wednesday, Sept. 19 at the Rec Plex.
“It looks like we’re going to do really well!” said CBC Rep. Donna Teuscher as she moved around talking with CBC staff, volunteers and donors at the Rec Plex. “We have 104 slots and the appointments have been very good. We have so many volunteers we have to do one-hour shifts.”
The drive did very well with 99 registered – including 46 first-time donors – and 72 units donated for 95 percent of goal.
The abundance of volunteer help reflects the community service mission at UD. There are more student organizations seeking to sponsor blood drives than CBC can actually schedule. As a result, each drive will have an alphabet soup of multiple sponsoring organizations. The Wednesday kick-off drive included a joint sponsoring effort from the Beta Beta Beta national biological honor society; Epsilon Delta Upsilon co-ed fraternity for education majors; the Alpha Epsilon Delta premedical honor society; Sigma Chi fraternity; and the Red Cross Club.
UD junior Elizabeth George, an Epsilon Delta Upsilon member from Solon, OH, made her milestone 5th lifetime donation at the drive. “It’s always been a pleasant experience,” she said of donating. “It feels good when you get that call that your blood was used to help someone.”
Laura Kempton, a senior from Columbus, made her first donation at a UD drive last year, and was quick to make an appointment when she got an email reminder about Wednesday’s drive. Junior Patrick Sullivan from Cleveland also made his second lifetime donation. He’s a member of two sponsoring groups, the pre-med Alpha Epsilon Delta society and the Red Cross Club.
UD senior Jessica Blalock from Lakewood, OH made her first lifetime donation at the drive. She’s a member of the Epsilon Delta Upsilon education fraternity. She plans to teach fifth grade math and science after graduation and has been doing her student teaching at Spinning Hills Middle School. She admits that after handling classrooms of pre-teens, giving blood for the first time didn’t make her nervous at all. “I didn’t even notice it!” she laughed as her donation got underway.

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