Click your heels, tap your mouse and…

Community Blood Center wants you to know about an exciting new look to our online profile. The new and improved CBC public website will go live on Halloween, Wednesday, October 31 at But no peeking until Halloween day!

The premier comes after a 10-month design, reconstruction and implementation collaboration with Openfield Creative based in Cincinnati.  We will be introducing the new site  with a campaign that borrows from one of everyone’s favorite stories, “The Wizard of Oz.”

The campaign features Dorothy’s ruby slippers and says “Click your heels, tap your mouse… and we’ll take you somewhere wonderful. Visit the new CBC website… after all, there’s no place like home.”

The theme and images roll out the welcome mat, but it’s the vastly improved functionality and user friendliness that pulls visitors inside and encourages them to explore.

Meanwhile, on down the yellow brick road, did you know that the horses in the Emerald City were covered with Jell-O crystals which gave them their color! The scenes were shot with speed before the “horse of a different color” licked the yummy crystals away.

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