We are part of a national network of blood centers that has a disaster assistance plan in place.  It’s the blood on the shelf that matters most in a time of disaster.  If called upon we will help supply the regions in need in any way we can.

At this time blood centers in the storm impact areas are encouraging their donors to keep their appointments and welcoming donors without appointments.  They are hoping to build as deep a blood supply reserve as they can in anticipation of possible disruption by widespread damage, power outages, and injuries.  Our donors are welcome to donate in the spirit of keeping our reserves ready to assist blood centers and blood recipients in the storm area.  We must point out that at this time we have not received any direct requests for blood and for now cannot say if and when any blood from our region will be needed.

In the event that we are called upon to supply blood to the storm region, we will depend more than ever on our donors to help us maintain a safe and adequate blood supply for hospitals and patients in both the emergency areas and our own Ohio and Indiana region of responsibility.

– Jodi Minneman, COO Blood Services, Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services

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