ImageNearly everyone closes their eyes when they hold a Warm Glow candle up to their nose and breathe in its exotic scent.  It’s a cozy, comforting moment that triggers fond memories and ignites the imagination.  Sugarplums dance, chestnuts roast, Jack Frost nips and suddenly the holiday season surrounds us.

The holidays came roaring to life on this day before Thanksgiving at the Community Blood Center (CBC) Richmond branch, thanks again to the generosity of Indiana’s Warm Glow Candle Company.  Everyone who registered to donate at the branch Wednesday, Nov. 21 got to choose a free, festively-colored, holiday-scented candle courtesy of Warm Glow.

“There are so many, and it’s so hard to choose!” said CBC Richmond Representative Melinda Frech.  Appointments were booked throughout the day and extra CBC staff arrived early from Dayton to help with the overflow.

Jackie Vanderpool from Richmond made her 30th lifetime donation on Warm Glow day, and couldn’t wait to browse the table, testing each scent.  “They’re just a wonderful company, locally owned and very community oriented,” she said.  “They are supportive of a number of charities, and it’s a good product.  When I want to give someone a gift, I go to their local candle shop.”

As familiar as Jackie is with Warm Glow, the suggestion of the dark green “Bayberry Stardust” candle turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  “I’m glad you talked me into it!” she said.

Stacey Brewer made his 55th lifetime donation on Warm Glow day.  He arrived with his daughter Katelyn, a freshman at Ball State who is home for Thanksgiving break.  They were on a mission to make the season bright with Warm Glow. 

“My wife goes out there all the time,” Stacey said.  “That’s why I’m here.  I usually do apheresis, but they didn’t have an opening so I went ahead and did whole blood.  It’s hard to schedule appointments during deer season, but she wanted me to get a candle.  She’s coming in for a 2 p.m. appointment.”

Stacey considered the “Poinsettia” scent when it came time to pick a candle. “Smells fruity,” he said.  Katelyn had already chosen the bright red “Santa Cider.”  “I like the color,” she said. “Mom likes this smell. She’s probably going to be keeping it, but I might keep it for my dorm room.  We can have candles, we just can’t light them.” 

Susan Price from Fountain City carefully sampled each Warm Glow scent.  Her favorite in the regular Warm Glow line is “Evening Mocha.”  She chose “Santa Cider” saying, “Does it smell like Christmas? It does.”

Retired Centerville mailman Jim Snyder made his 167th lifetime donation, then browsed the Warm Glow table with his wife Ann.  “I let him choose,” Ann said, while Jim told stories about mailmen getting lost on new routes and the five times he was bitten by dogs on the job – including a painful chomp right through his winter gloves by a toothless Cocker Spaniel that usually was happy to be petted.  “Even dogs have a bad day,” Jim said philosophically.

“I chose this green one,” Jim said, showing off his “Silver Spruce” candle.  “It smells like pine, so we can put it with our artificial tree.”  That must be the beauty of Warm Glow candles:  do your part to create an atmosphere of holiday cheer, and the Warm Glow scent will fill in the rest.



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