Freshman basketball player Lianna Innocent makes her 4th lifetime donation.

Freshman basketball player Lianna Innocent makes her 4th lifetime donation.

Sinclair Community College proudly describes the campus library as “an exciting mix” of fully resourced study areas and comfortable social gathering spaces that create a “unique academic ambience,” including a place to enjoy “a cup of world famous coffee.” (Starbucks being the caffeine boost of choice). Add to the mix a Community Blood Center (CBC) blood drive.

This academic year both blood drive awareness and the opportunities to donate at Sinclair are growing.

The Monday, Dec. 3 CBC blood drive occupied a comfortable mezzanine space overlooking the bustling stacks and Starbucks baristas. It marked the second CBC drive of the fall semester with two more drives scheduled in the spring.

“We’re trying four drives, it’s our first year of having four,” said chairperson Tracy Robbins. “Registration was a little slow in November but we put out an emergency email and they filled up right away. This year has been really good for us.”
Monday’s drive drew 35 registrations, including eight first-time donors.

Phi Theta Kappa honor society served as the student sponsor group for the Monday drive. Lauren Dickey, a second-year student from Brookville studying communications, volunteered at the check-in table and the Donor Café. “We’ve had some people who haven’t showed up for appointments, so we’ve been busy with walk-ins,” she said.

One of the walk-ins was Lianna Innocent from Vandalia, a 6-foot freshman center on the Sinclair women’s basketball team. She stopped by to make her fourth lifetime donation. “I usually donate every time we have one,” she said. “I heard about it in the cafeteria, people were talking about it, so I came up here for an open space.”

Patrick Terry, a third-year student from Columbus, says he also relies on word of mouth to know when drives are on campus. “The first time I donated was here,” Patrick said as he made his third lifetime donation. “I figured I’d do my part.”

CBC’s free “Blood Donors Rock” lanyard, plus cookies and juice awaited the students in the Donor Café. And if they were in the mood, they could also walk down a flight of steps and opt for a world class cup of coffee before heading back to class.

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