CBC Iron Man Wendell Clark Smashes Another Milestone – Top Active Donor Makes 575th Blood Donation

Wendell Clark, Community Blood Center’s (CBC) top active donor, continues his relentless pursuit of 600 lifetime donations (and beyond!) and his most important goal of helping save lives.  He made his 575th lifetime blood donation Thursday, Jan. 10 at the Dayton CBC.  It was an outstanding achievement and a jaw-dropping milestone, but to Wendell, it was just another apheresis appointment.

“I’m doing a jumbo plasma today,” Wendell noted.  His most common donation is platelets, and his long history includes whole blood donations.  With his strong commitment and regular appointment schedule, his goal of 600 is getting very close, perhaps a year away.  Wendell points out quickly, “I think it will be less than year.”

Health matters of course in reaching the 600 LTD goal, but Wendell is staying fit and avoiding any illness that might keep him from donating.  The only change in his routine on the day of his 575th donation was his choice of reading materials.  He brought along a sci-fi fantasy novel, instead of his usual Louis L’amour westerns.

Congratulations to Wendell Clark – CBC’s Iron Man!Image

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