Community Blood Center (CBC) presented $1,220.00 in Kroger gift cards to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry Wednesday, Jan. 23, all given by people who donated blood at CBC branches during the holidays and wanted to also help the hungry and the homeless.

CBC purchased $10 Kroger gift cards to thank all those who registered to donate during the challenging Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day holiday periods.

During the 2011-2012 holidays, many people donating blood at the downtown Dayton CBC branch spontaneously expressed a desire to give back the Kroger gift card they received so it could be donated to a charity.  CBC provided a box for donated cards and later presented the cards to St. Vincent de Paul.

Prior to the 2012-2013 holidays, Donor Relations Director Andrew Keelor asked all CBC branches (Dayton, Springfield, West Chester, Middletown, OH and Richmond, IN) to provide boxes for donors who wished to donate their Kroger Gift Card to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry. The result was 122 gift cards (a $1,220.00 value) returned to CBC for donation to the Food Pantry.

“CBC recognizes the high demand food pantries have been facing during an extended time of economic struggles for many families and individuals,” said CBC Donor Relations Director Andrew Keelor.  “We are extremely proud of our donors for their desire to respond to this need.  They have truly ‘given twice’ by supporting the CBC mission of helping those in medical need through the ‘gift of life,’ and by supporting the St. Vincent de Paul mission of helping those in need of food and shelter with the generous donation of these gift cards.”

Volunteers stock shelves at the Food Pantry two Saturdays a month and hand out food bags to those in need the following Wednesdays.  CBC presented the cards to the Food Pantry on Wednesday, Jan. 23, a food bag pick-up day.

“I think it’s a wonderful donation we can use to give out to individuals so they can buy additional foods and other things they need,” said St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry Volunteer Chairman Bob Young.  “They will be very appreciative and thankful for the generosity extended to us.  We appreciate all the efforts of the people who donated.  It’s a win-win for everyone.”

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