Edgewood High School does it again, with yet another excellent, student-organized blood drive on Monday, Feb. 11.  Jennifer Chillman’s DECA-Marketing class again did all the planning and organizing, enlisting sponsors for refreshments and prizes, recruiting donors and volunteers, plus creating their own custom made t-shirts.

Their hard work paid off with tremendous success. They registered 161 donors (including 42 first-time donors) and collected 149 units for 124 percent of goal.

“I have never seen such an organized blood drive,” said CBC Middletown representative Carolyn Holland, who took over the Trenton drive this winter.  “I think I could call this the perfect blood drive. You can see how many volunteers from the high school make this such a successful drive.  They designed their own pink t-shirts.  They said, ‘You’re Somebody’s Type’ and there were eight hearts on the shirt with every blood type in each heart.  The back of their shirts said ‘STAFF in bold letters.”

Every student who donated signed their name on a pink, red and white hearts, which were then displayed in the library.  Carolyn praised the student leaders, including Maddie Slusher, Rachel Brewer, Matthew Kennedy, Taylor Berry and Adrielle Tindal.  All are members of the sponsoring group, the DECA – Marketing class.

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