BEAVERCREEK, OhioBeavercreek High School Student Council members have been as busy as… well, Beavers… getting ready for the annual Community Blood Center (CBC) blood drive on campus.  It took some building, but hard work paid off with 200 appointments scheduled when the drive began bright and early Monday, March 4.

By the time the blood drive concluded at 2 p.m. 187 people had registered, including 148 first-time donors, and donated 150 units of blood.

“Getting people to sign up was our main job,” said Nathan Budde, president of Student Council and leader of the blood drive organizing committee.  “We have a smaller senior class this year, but we hit it hard.  We got about 200 appointments, and that wasn’t for any lack of trying.”

Nathan says the drive depends on a strong senior turn-out because BHS prefers that 16 year olds do not donate.   But Student Council has a strong recruiter in Nathan, who believes in setting an example, even if making this third lifetime donation at the drive wasn’t easy.

“I have a problem with needles,” he said. “It’s pretty bad.  I almost faint sometimes.  So I had to ‘man up.’  I just tell myself it’s a good cause and go for it.  I am the biggest baby about this! But it helps to say ‘If I can do it, you should be OK to do it.’”

His recruiting isn’t limited to his classmates.  When an appointment slot became available, Nathan gave his mom a call.  “He knew I wanted to do it,” said Tina Budde, as she relaxed in the donor area, making her first lifetime donation.  “I finally got a chance.  He called me and said they had an open spot, when could I come in?  Better late than never!”

Faculty members Jana Debord and Paige Rizzotte are co-advisors for Student Council and coordinators for the blood drive, which is one of the biggest Student Council projects of the year.  “This is definitely a big project,” said Jana, and it’s one of four or five charity projects they will do each quarter.”

Most of their fundraising is in the fall with ticket sales at Homecoming.  A good portion went to buying Christmas gifts for a needy family in the Greene Co. “Adopt-a-Family” campaign.  They purchased food and recruited City Barbeque, Ritter’s Frozen Custard and Chic-fil-A as sponsors to stock the Donor Café with ice tea, oranges, muffins and energy bars.

A blood drive the size of Beavercreek’s takes work, but the Beavers never worry about biting off more than they can chew.  “I make sure all the ducks are in a row,” said Nathan, “and the committee is all about getting the job done.”

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