ImageHeroes are many in the blood donor community.  Every day, they help others without hesitation, and without expectation of reward.  That’s why it is so satisfying to see rare and prominent recognition coming to LexisNexis, Community Blood Center’s (CBC) most giving corporate partner in both blood donations and volunteer service.

America’s Blood Centers, North America’s largest network of non-profit blood centers, has honored LexisNexis with a 2012 Award of Excellence in the category of Most Productive Blood Drive.  A video showcasing LexisNexis was part of a recognition ceremony in Washington, D.C. and on Thursday, May 30 CBC presented an optical crystal trophy to LexisNexis at the Miamisburg campus.

“LexisNexis stands apart from all other CBC corporate partners in its dual dedication of support,” said CBC Donor Relations Director Andrew Keelor. “LexisNexis is both our top-ranked corporate account in blood drive productivity, and our most active volunteer organization with the most donated volunteer hours.”

“It’s humbling for our site to be recognized for doing the right thing for our community,” said LexisNexis Dayton Site Leader Alex Watson.  “Giving back and engaging in community efforts is such an inherent piece of our corporate culture that our employees consistently take the initiative to make things like this happen.  We are proud of what our employees accomplish and honored to be an ongoing partner with the CBC.”

LexisNexis began partnering with CBC in 1997 and now hosts blood drives every 56 days, averaging six per year.  It is company policy to allow employees to leave work and receive normal pay for the time it takes to donate or volunteer, including the extra time required for automated donations.

In 2012, blood drives on the Miamisburg campus averaged 75 donations, more than double the average CBC blood drive collection of 30 units.  More than 80 employees have made 11 or more lifetime donations.

LexisNexis began volunteering with CBC in 2008 and continues to multiply its support.

In 2012, volunteers made 307 visits to the Dayton Donor Center and the Center for Tissue Innovation and Research in Kettering and contributed 1,440 hours packing t-shirts, stuffing folders and preparing tissue packets.

Keelor said it was this unique combination and commitment of resources by LexisNexis leadership and employees for the betterment of the sick and injured in our community that made LexisNexis the obvious choice for nomination for a national award.

“LexisNexis employees volunteer their work, donate, tour the labs, and get involved behind the scenes,” said Keelor.  “It is a deeply valued and appreciated partnership.”


(L-R) Mark Bernatz, LexisNexis Human Resources Director; Tracy Morgan, CBC Donor Relations Manager; Kimberly Richardson LexisNexis Sr. Administrative Assistant & Blood Drive Coordinator;

Alex Watson, Executive Vice-President, LexisNexis Legal & Professional Operations & Dayton Site Leader.

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