100 Lifetime Donations!

Congrats on 100 Lifetime Donations!

Congrats on 100 Lifetime Donations Terry Montgomery!

Congratulations to Terry Montgomery of Huber Heights on his 100th lifetime donation at CBC-Dayton today!
Terry started giving blood 40-plus years ago as a young teacher, new to the Huber Heights school system and Wayne High School. His students will remember him as their science teacher during the school year and a physical education teacher during summer school.
“I feel rejuvenated,” says Terry about giving blood. As an O-positive donor, he knows his blood is always in demand. “I was never afraid of needles and I felt great doing something for humanity. We’re the only thing that can make blood. We have to give back.”
Terry noted the colors of his jacket match the red and black of the Wayne Warriors. “I’ll wear this,” he commented while modeling the jacket. “My wife says black is slenderizing.”
Both of Terry’s children, he’s proud to say, graduated from Wayne. We know he’ll look sharp in his 100 lifetime donations jacket next time he has breakfast, as he does regularly, with a group of retired Wayne High School teachers. He will look the part of the Wayne Warrior he is at heart and the blood donor hero he is to others.

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