Fran Duell revs up the Road King cut-out with her Harley-Davidson afghan.

Fran Duell revs up the Road King cut-out with her Harley-Davidson afghan.

Fran Duell was feeling like a superhero after making her 48th lifetime blood donation (“That’s eight gallons!” she said) so she wrapped herself in Harley-Davidson colors, jumped on the Road King Classic motorcycle and twisted the throttle – right in the middle of the Community Blood Center (CBC) donor waiting area.

Of course Fran was only playing with the life-size, cardboard replica of the Harley-Davidson Road King Classic on display at CBC, but she was definitely in the spirit. Just by registering to donate she was automatically entered in the “King of the Road Summer Blood Drive” drawing to win the actual Road King Classic motorcycle.

To help CBC promote the King of the Road campaign, Fran made a donation of a different kind.  She knitted a custom Afghan blanket in classic orange and black Harley-Davidson colors and gave it CBC.  One lucky donor will win the blanket in a drawing at the Dayton Donor Center.  Everyone who registers to donate at the Dayton Donor Center Monday, Aug. 19 through Saturday, Aug. 31 can enter the drawing for Fran’s afghan.  The “King of the Road” campaign ends Aug. 31.

Fran has hand-knitted Afghans in a multitude of colors for countless charities and fundraisers, including CBC.  The Afghans she has gifted to CBC over the years have been inspired by the themes of Patriot Day, college football and the fight against breast cancer.  The Harley-Davidson design is a first for Fran (Though it won’t be the last. A Boy Scout troop has requested one).

“I’m happy with it,” she said. “Making it was the same as all my quilts.  I always start with no idea about what I’m going to do.  I’ll say to myself, ‘Why don’t I try this?’  If I like it, I keep going. That’s why no two of my quilts are ever alike.”

Fran is a big fan of college sports (dedicated especially to University of Dayton basketball) and is personally committed to the fight against breast cancer after losing her sister to the disease. Harleys are hardly a passion… yet she may be feeling the call of the open road.  It was Fran’s idea to pose for a picture pretending to ride the Road King Classic replica.

“I want to show it my grandkids,” she said. “I can tell them, ‘Look – I’m driving a motorcycle!’”  It may not be Fran, but one lucky donor will be doing just that when the “King of the Road Summer Blood Drive” comes to an end.

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