Congratulations to Kettering donor Katie Ellis for winning a custom-designed afghan blanket in eye-popping pink, hand knitted by CBC’s loyal friend Fran Duell.  The carefully crafted blanket represents 150 hours of needle work, a labor of love by Fran to honor blood donors during CBC’s “I Fight Cancer, I Give Blood” campaign and support October National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Many in the CBC family will recognize Katie’s name.  She is CBC’s top active female donor and was honored this past summer by the Dayton Dragons as a “Community All-Star.”  Her name was randomly chosen from entries submitted by donors the past two weeks at the Dayton CBC. Katie entered the drawing when she made an apheresis donation Oct. 14.

Katie received her new afghan Tuesday, Oct. 29 at the Dayton CBC when she arrived for her scheduled platelet donation.  The pink afghan kept her cozy as she made her milestone 410th lifetime blood donation.

“I was needing a new afghan,” said Katie. “Mine has a hole in it! It’s the first one my mom made me. Tell Fran I love all the colors in it!  Please tell her I will put it to good use!”

Fran has knitted more than 400 afghan blankets, most of them as donations to charitable causes. She donates several to CBC every fall for drawing prizes to encourage donations and to reward donors.  Bellbrook Pastor Freddie Messer was the winner of the Harley-Davidson inspired afghan she knitted for the “King of the Road” campaign that ended in September.  Fran lost her sister to breast cancer and always knits a pink afghan for October.  She recently completed a scarlet and gray Ohio State Buckeyes blanket for CBC that will serve as the drawing prize for the “Buckeye Strong” campaign in November and December.

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