CBC’s Top Blood Donor of All Time – Wendell Clark

DAYTON, Ohio – With Wendell Clark, it’s always just a matter of time.  He is passionate about donating platelets and plasma and as reliable as the sunrise when it comes to staying healthy and maintaining his relentless schedule of more than 30 donations per year.  He passed his 600 lifetime donation milestone on Oct. 24 and just kept going. Now, after his 602nd lifetime donation on Thursday, Nov. 14, Wendell is officially Community Blood Center’s (CBC) “Top Donor of All Time.”

Wendell has held the title of Top “Active” CBC Donor since 2010.  On April 16, 2010 former Top Donor Lawrence “Larry” Hardy made his 601st lifetime donation – his final donation with CBC – before moving away from Dayton. Larry is now 79, living in California and still donating – but his record with CBC remains at 601.  It took Wendell 104 donations in just three and a half years to overtake Larry.

As usual when asked about a new milestone, Wendell was humble and low key.  “I knew I would be at 602 today,” he said.  “I remember meeting Larry once.  I guess I never thought about passing him someday.”  Taking the title from Larry never seemed to be on Wendell’s radar.  His focus was always on reaching the 600 donation milestone.  With that accomplished, he looked to the future.  “I plan on donating well into by 70’s,” said Wendell, who is now 61. “If I stay healthy, I think I can hit 900 eventually.”

Wendell’s title may change from “Top Active” to “Top All-Time Donor,” but unchanged will be his steadfast service as an ambassador for CBC and blood donations.  TV news coverage, interviews and newspaper headlines about his 600th donation milestone have been seen across the CBC service area.  Wendell remains humble and low key, but his message is strong and clear: “I’ve been very fortunate to be healthy,” he said, “so I can help others by donating.”

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