Miamisburg ‘Youth Movement’ Adds Vigor to Vikings Fall Blood Drive


Senior Matthew Bear made his 3rd lifetime donation & junior Kelsi Unroe made her first lifetime donation.

Student Government members took the lead and a “youth movement” of new donors followed Tuesday, Nov. 19 at Miamisburg High School as the Vikings chalked up their most successful fall blood drive.

Miamisburg has sponsored two blood drives a year with Community Blood Center (CBC) since 2011, and the spring blood drive is traditionally larger than the fall.  “Spring is usually our biggest blood drive because more kids have turned 16,” said junior volunteer Tara Edmondson.

Students are not eligible to donate until they turn 16, and must have a parent’s consent.  But on Tuesday the donor beds were full of new donors who had turned 16 in time for the November blood drive. “Our Student Government is the sponsor group of the blood drive, and they did a great job recruiting,” said special education teacher and blood drive coordinator Jenny Brockert.  The result was 132 registrations, including 76 first-time donors, with 105 blood donations for 109% of the collection goal.

Tuesday’s blood drive saw a surprising improvement over the Nov. 12, 2012 fall blood drive with 30 more registrations, 25 more donations and 25 more first-time donors. In fact, it came within two registrations and four donations of equaling the typically busy spring blood drove on March 26.

“I just think it’s really enjoyable,” said senior Student Government Vice President Kristen McIntyre who has volunteered with the school blood drive since freshman year. “It’s cool because everybody will talk about Community Blood Center calling you and saying we used your blood today.”

At the Donor Café 16-year-old sophomores Natalie Hornak, Megan Schmidt and Mia Williams sat together, sipping water, and waiting to be called to make their first lifetime donations. “I’ve just always wanted to, I don’t know why,” said Natalie.

Junior Kelsi Unroe celebrated her first donation with refreshments. “I was nervous at first,” she said. “There are student government kids in my class and they asked if I would, so I just signed up.  I didn’t hesitate.”

In the Donor Area of the auxiliary gym sophomore Ronald Mahan and senior Drew Zink chatted as they both donated for the first time. “We’re on the swim team together,” said Ronald.  Drew plans to attend Ohio State next year as a pre-med student.  Both wanted to donate, without missing swim practice. “We’ll probably practice until 9: 45 tonight,” said Drew, “We’ll be alright.”

Senior Matthew Bear kept everyone laughing in the Donor Café.  He made this third lifetime donation, qualifying him for the CBC Red Cord Honor Program. “I’m pretty excited, but that’s not why I did it,” he said.  What matters more to Matthew?  He smiles, and at the risk of sounding too serious says, “Saving a life!”

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