Beavercreek’s Michael Hart Keeps Steady Pace to 100th Lifetime Blood Donation


100 LTD Donor Michael Hart.

Beavercreek blood donor Michael Hart is used to logging long miles and doing what it takes to complete his goals, whether it’s his career in defense logistics or his passion for helping others. Community Blood Center (CBC) recognized Michael as a “Donor for Life” Friday, Jan. 17 when he made his milestone 100th lifetime blood donation.

“I started out with DESC (Defense Electronic Supply Center),” he said.  “I started donating back in ’87 or ’88.  We always came down here (to the downtown Dayton CBC).  They gave us four hours of leave. Me and a couple of my buddies would always come down and donate then go to lunch.”

Michael said he was influenced by a former supervisor at DESC who was a strong advocate for blood donations. He supported CBC blood drives as a member of the Masons, Shriners and a Life Leader Team.  “He really got me into it,” said Michael, who also joined the Masons and supported blood drives at the Masonic Lodge.

Pursuing his career has had certain challenges.  DESC closed and the family moved to Columbus, then back to Beavercreek.  He commutes every day to Defense Supply Center Columbus and says, “Sometimes leaving for that drive at 3:15 in the morning can be kind of rough.”

Donating blood wasn’t always easy.  He prefers whole blood to automated donations, and in the early days he benefited from some advice on how to make his donations go smoother.  “There was a woman named Bunny who worked with the donors,” he said. “She told me to cough, kick my feet, and don’t watch the needle going in.”

That’s not standard phlebotomy advice, but it worked for Michael, keeping him on the road to his 100th donation milestone.   CBC marked his achievement by presenting him with a black, “Donor for Life – 100 LTD” embroidered jacket.  He says he will be proud to wear the jacket (provided he can keep his oldest son from borrowing it!) as an ambassador for blood donations.

“I would wear my wrap (arm bandage) in public after donating,” he said. “I thought it let people know what I’m doing and maybe encourage them to do it.”

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