A Sweet Victory in Versailles! Midmark Wins ABC Blood Drive Award of Excellence


CBC’s Donor Relations Director Andrew Keelor surprised Midmark Global Community Relations Manager & blood drive coordinator Mitch Eiting with the National Award of Excellence for Most Productive Blood Drive

As Global Community Relations Manager for Midmark in Versailles, Mitch Eiting can tell you precisely how the company is helping people across the country and around the world. But he had no idea why he was getting a chocolate cake with “Congratulations Midmark” in icing from Community Blood Center (CBC) during the Friday, March 14 employee blood drive.

Eiting is coordinator for all Midmark blood drives. He enthusiastically recruits donors at employee meetings, hands out t-shirt and refreshments in the Donor Cafe, and puts “red gems” in a vase on display in the plant lobby representing the number of lives impacted by Midmark employee blood donations.

He found out Friday that the congratulations cake came with some news:  Midmark had won the America’s Blood Centers 17th Annual Awards of Excellence for 2013 in the category of “Most Productive Blood Drive.”

Mitch was surprised by the announcement, obviously pleased – but was not speechless.  “This is a great partner to work with,” he said to CBC Donor Relations Director Andrew Keelor and Donor Relations Manager Tracy Morgan. “It’s a great cause, a great organization and a great county coordinator to work with in (CBC Darke Co. account representative) Dana Puterbaugh.  It was just a win-win.”

Midmark Corporation is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of healthcare equipment based in Versailles. CBC was proud to nominate Midmark because of its history of community service, special dedication to health and emergency needs, and strong support of blood donations.

Midmark has co-sponsored CBC community blood drives in Versailles since 2001. It began hosting employee blood drives at the plant in 2011 and held three the first year.  That number grew to 16 drives in 2013, including night shift blood drives to include more workers.  Midmark is the only sponsor of late shift blood drives in CBC’s 15-county service area.

Midmark has hosted 29 corporate blood drives since May, 2011, an average of one per month, with a total of 1,189 units collected.  It collected 358 units from Oct. 1, 2012 to Sept. 30, 2013, an increase of 49% over the previous year and an average of .42 units per employee.

This is the second consecutive year that the ABC Award of Excellence for Most Productive Blood Drive has gone to a CBC partner.  LexisNexis was the 2012 winner.

 Photos from Midmark blood drives and the recruitment video produced by Midmark employees will be part of a video presentation of award winners March 24 at ABC’s 52nd Annual Meeting.   Still to come is CBC’s presentation of the Award of Excellence to Mitch and Midmark, which promises to be even sweeter than the chocolate “Congratulations” cake.


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