Jessica's sign dedicating her 20th blood donation to her grandfather.

Jessica’s sign dedicating her 20th blood donation to her grandfather.

West Carrollton donor Jessica Reynolds had a very personal mission to complete this St. Patrick’s Day.  She wore a green t-shirt as she made her milestone 20th lifetime blood donation at the downtown Dayton Community Blood Center (CBC), and she carried with her a small sign stating that she was donating in honor of her grandfather “Grandpa Dale” Reynolds who lost his battle with bone cancer last  St. Patrick’s Day.

“My grandpa died a year ago on St. Patrick’s Day,” she said. “He was a cancer patient and used a lot of blood products for his cancer treatment.  I wanted to donate in memory of him.”

Dale Reynolds was 77.  “He couldn’t donate because of his medications, but my grandmother was a donor, and he would take us both here to the blood center, back when she was still able to donate,” said Jessica.  “The fact that I’m O-negative (the universal donor blood type), that influenced me to become a donor,” she said. “And the fact he used so much, I wanted to donate for him.”

Her small dedication sign reads, “I’m making my 20th lifetime blood donation to the Dayton Community Blood Center in memory of my Grandpa Dale. Thank you to the donors who helped my Grandpa when he was battling cancer. Give blood today. You can make a difference in the lives of three people.”

Jessica smiled with satisfaction as she collected her sign and new “St. Patrick’s Day – Blood Donor” t-shirt as she rose from the donor bed and headed to the Donor Café.  It had proved to be a very special St. Patrick’s Day.

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