GREENVILLE, Ohio – “Got that one…. Got that one… ah, I like that one!” There may be prize livestock to judge and ice cold crushies to choose at the annual Great Darke County Fair, but for blood donors on Community Blood Center (CBC) “T-shirt Day” it’s a treasure hunt for the elusive t-shirt design you don’t yet own.
CBC Darke Co. account representative Dana Puterbaugh and her citizen advisory board volunteers worked the “T-Shirt Day” booth under the hot afternoon sun Wednesday, Aug. 20. Any donor who arrived at the booth wearing their favorite CBC t-shirt could draw a chip and choose from a heaping pile of “retired” t-shirts, leftover from previous blood drive campaigns.
They could also enter a drawing to win a quilt, lovingly stitched together by donor Tammy Pugh from some vintage CBC blood drive t-shirts.
“Got that one, got that one… ah! I like chocolate,” said Union City, OH donor Patty Hunt, who grabbed a Hershey chocolate brown t-shirt with the slogan “How Sweet It is to Save a Life!” “I’ve been donating for a couple of years now and I’ve got five or six of these,” she said of her hunt through the t-shirts before finding a keeper.
Patty donates at CBC mobile blood drives held at Greenville Technology Inc. and she was soon joined by a group of friends from GTI. Donating together at work is a tradition for them, and so is enjoying the fair. “I’m a ‘fair bum’ said Patty. “I take the whole week off!”
“We come every year,” said Jackie Magee, who wore a “Keep Calm & Carry On Saving Lives” t-shirt to the fair, and chose the same chocolate t-shirt as Patty. Jackie did even better at last year’s “T-Shirt Day” when she won the drawing for a pair of Kings Island tickets.
“They give us time to donate,” their friend Dot Ellis said about the GTI blood drives. “Afterwards you get your juice and cookies and you go back to work, or go home, whatever you’re ready to do.”
Summer weather definitely returned in time for the fair, with temperatures in the high 80’s and plenty of visitors wearing broad hats and sunglasses with their donor t-shirts. Picking a t-shirt is one of dozens of choices for fairgoers. Fried cakes, grilled sandwiches, and kegs of root beer abound. The midway rides spin, while a live elephant gets ready to make the rounds with paying passengers on his back. Dairy cows relax on beds of hay in the luxurious new dairy barn, retirees line dance in front of the gazebo, kids race around the fairgrounds enjoying the last freedom of summer, and the grandstand gets ready for the night’s tractor pull and the Veterans Parade.
Back at the CBC T-Shirt booth, Piqua donor Sarah Smith wore an American flag donor t-shirt and for her free t-shirt chose the October Breast Cancer Awareness “I Fight Cancer, I Give Blood” pink ribbon design. “I have an aunt that died from breast cancer she said. “My daughter Katelynn is 15. She remembers her Aunt Trix. Every time she sees a pink ribbon she has to have it.”
Pink is clearly Sarah and Katelynn’s choice. The “I Fight Cancer” t-shirt was Dana’s choice on T-Shirt Day too. Even in the rainbow of CBC t-shirt colors, the electric kaleidoscope of lights on the midway, and all the candy box of attractions at the Great Darke County Fair… one color can sometimes stand out from all the rest.

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