West Carrollton junior Nicole Wainstock makes her 3rd lifetime blood donation at the 'Unity in the Communities' Blood Drive.

West Carrollton junior Nicole Wainstock makes her 3rd lifetime blood donation at the ‘Unity in the Communities’ Blood Drive.

WEST CARROLLTON, Ohio – The busy blood drive Monday, Dec. 15 in the West Carrollton High School gym added a verse to a project that rivals “The 12 Days of Christmas.” It goes like this: Two rival high schools (West Carrollton and Miamisburg)… two Community Blood Center (CBC) blood drives, three weeks apart… $1,000 from Universal 1 Credit Union… and countless joy from helping others thanks to the “Unity in the Communities” campaign.

Universal 1 Credit Union challenged the schools to help save lives with blood donations, and to help improve the lives of neighbors in need. Universal 1 will award $500 to each school for completing successful CBC blood drives. (Miamisburg High School held its blood drive Nov. 21). The schools will then combine the awards and present a $1,000 check to a local charity at the Jan. 23, 2015 Miamisburg-West Carrollton basketball game.

As host of the game, the WCHS Student Government Association gets to name a recipient charity with a connection to the West Carrollton community. They chose the St. Vincent de Paul Gateway Shelter for Women and Families. The MHS Student Government will choose the 2016 recipient.

The high schools have a history of working together to help the community. Last year they supported an MHS fundraiser for CARE House and a WCHS fundraiser for the family of two students whose young sister died of a brain tumor.

This year Universal 1 stepped in with the $1,000 award associated with the CBC blood drives. West Carrollton moved its traditional spring blood drive to December so that both schools would complete the drives in time for the rival basketball game in January.

Both schools are challenged to meet their collection goals and both did very well. West Carrollton’s blood drive registered 61 students with 42 first-time donors and 45 donations for 104 percent of the collection goal. (Miamisburg, with its larger enrollment, registered 141 students, including 87 first-time donors, and collected 106 donations).

“We wanted it to be friendly,” said WCHS Student Government advisor and blood drive coordinator P.J. Babb. “We took the competition out and made it more of a partnership than a competition.”

Senior Class President Abby Bishop suggested making the $1,000 donation to the St. Vincent Shelter for Women and Families. “I volunteer there and my church is involved there,” she said, “and I knew there are some students from our school that it will benefit.”

“There are some students and families in the school that have gone there for help,” agreed Student Body President Ali Fischer, who made her third lifetime donation at the blood drive. “We always try to do something that ties into our community.”

“It’s awesome. I’m so glad we’re doing stuff like that,” said junior Nicole Wainscott, who qualified for the CBC Red Cord Honor Program with her donation Monday. “This is my third time and I knew it would be for my Red Cord,” she said.

Junior Mustapha Mustapha was a first-time donor last year and was enthused to be donating again Monday. “Last year it was like a really good feeling,” he said. “And when I got the phone call saying your blood saved somebody’s life – that made me feel real good!”




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