Englewood donor Larry Crowell is the winner of the OSU Buckeye Afghan hand-crafted by Vandalia donor Fran Duell and contributed for a donor drawing at the Dayton Community Blood Center (CBC). Larry entered the drawing for the “Buckeye Blanket” on Dec. 3 when he made his milestone 25th lifetime blood donation.

Larry is especially dedicated to blood donations because his wife Ruth suffers from myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), a hemoglobin deficiency condition which he says requires her to receive a two-unit blood transfusion every two months. “We joke that we have the same blood type, so if they could just put us next to each other in a love seat, I could donate directly to her!” said Larry.

He was pleased to win Fran’s afghan celebrating the Buckeyes and their surprising run to the college football playoff, but admits he is not as “dyed in the wool” scarlet and grey as Fran’s blanket. “My son and daughter both went to the University of Cincinnati,” he said. “But all my relatives and neighbors are all Buckeye fans and they’ll be envious of me!” Congratulations to Larry for winning this winter warming blanket – and many thanks to Fran Duell for creating the afghan and supporting CBC. Larry and Fran are both Donors for Life.

STARTING A NEW TREND… FLYING THE COBAN COLORS! OSU afghan winner Larry Crowell revealed that he has a favorite way of identifying himself as a blood donor that uses the Coban bandage. “Every time I donate I ask for the wrap,” he said. “Later on I take it off and attach it to the radio antenna of my car. It flies in the wind when I drive around. I come in to donate every two months and get a new color!” Keep on flying the CBC colors Larry!


Buckeye Blanket winner Larry Crowell.

Buckeye Blanket winner Larry Crowell.

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