Equestrian Team Happy to be Work Horse for Miami University’s Final Blood Drive

MUET coordinator Lucy Thomas, volunteers

OXFORD, Ohio – It was fitting that the Miami University Equestrian Team co-sponsored the Monday, April 25 blood drive in the Shriver Center.  It marked the final campus blood drive of the school year, so it was time to saddle up and ride triumphantly into the sunset.

Miami doesn’t horse around when it comes to helping saves.  Miami is Community Blood Center’s longest-standing blood drive partner, and a perennial LifeSaving Ambassadors Club Platinum Award winner for blood drive excellence.

Monday’s blood drive was the 10th student blood drive of the year, in addition to the two-day Greek Week Blood drive, and the four Faculty and Staff blood drives (a summer blood drive is scheduled for June 16). The combined 16 blood drives on the Oxford campus totaled 1,658 donors, 608 first-time donors and 1,363 donations.

For the year, the student blood drives reached 104 percent of recruitment goal.  The Equestrian Team co-sponsored five blood drives, and helped Monday’s blood drive total 87 donors, 25 first-time donors, and 66 donations.

That was a strong finish, considering the students have their minds on final classes, exams, summer jobs, and for the seniors, graduation.

“It’s been quite the year for us,” said MUET Service Chairman Lucy Thomas. “It was hard to get people because we just sponsored the St. Patrick’s Day blood drive – I know I couldn’t donate today since I gave then. But the girls have been very good about getting other people, friends and teachers.”

MUET requires members to perform community service.  Junior Natalie Davis earned points for volunteering at last month’s blood drive. She was determined to donate Monday, even though she had just returned from a weekend in New Jersey where she placed 10th in the Intercollegiate Dressage competition.

“I don’t mind doing this because it helps people,” she said.   As for the dressage competition, “I would like to have been better, but 10th in the nation is not bad!”

Junior Laurel Stout, an engineering major from Richmond, Virginia volunteered at a blood drive during Greek Service Week and decided “it was a good idea to donate.”  She made her first lifetime donation at Monday’s final blood drive.

“It was super easy,” she said. “I was a little nervous, I didn’t know what to expect, but once it happened it was fine!”

Seniors Bethany Corbett from Ashland and Eric Niehaus from Westerville laughed and kidded each other as they donated at their final Miami blood drive. It was Bethany’s third donation at Miami and Eric’s 13th.

“My mom always donated,” he said. “It’s a chance to save people and be an everyday hero. Why wouldn’t you do it?”

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