Olivia Sester - Give Pint, Get Pint

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio – Northmont High 2016 graduate Britney Hansford was born on the Fourth of July, so it will be birthday candles, fireworks and family when she turns 18 on Monday.   She reached a different milestone Thursday, June 30 with her 5th lifetime blood donation, and celebrated with a free pint of JD’s Old Fashioned Frozen Custard.

Britney and mom Michele Catron donated together at the annual JD’s Old Fashioned Frozen Custard “Give a Pint, Get a Pint” Blood Drive in Englewood. Everyone who registered to donate aboard the Community Blood Center Bloodmobile at JD’s, or at the nearby Fairview Brethren in Christ Church received a coupon for a free pint of frozen custard.

The coupon can be redeemed at any time, but Britney said there’s no need to wait. “Today!” she said as she and her mom both chose the flavor of the day, black raspberry cobbler. “I just gave blood, so I need to build it back up,” she said. “I can use a little ice cream! It’s like when you give at Northmont – there’s so much food!”

Custard-loving donors helped boost the pre-holiday weekend blood drive.  The Bloodmobile at JD’s had 55 donors and 41 donations, while the Fairview Brethren in Christ blood drive added 44 donors and 40 donations.  The combined total was 99 donors and 81 donations for 100 percent of goal overall.

JD’s owners Cindy and Dan Gress have been sponsoring the “Give a Pint, Get a Pint” blood drive for 11 years, always with the aim of helping CBC gather enough blood donations to make it through the challenging July 4th holiday period.  “We’re all about giving back,” said Cindy. “We do a lot of different things, and this is something special for me. I really care about the donors here.”

A short distance down Union Boulevard, Englewood’s Ron Tobe made his 103rd lifetime donation at the Fairview Brethren in Christ Church, picked up his coupon for a JD’s pint of frozen custard and enjoyed cookies donated by JD’s for the Donor Cafe. “I came last year, so I know it’s pretty good stuff!” he said.

Church secretary Deb Logan is a blood drive volunteer and a regular donor at Fairview blood drives. She made her 31st donation in between handing out JD’s coupons.  “They sent a few people down here right after we opened,” she said. “We handled their overflow, and I spoke with Cindy and she said she had posted on Facebook that donors could come here.”

Another rush of custard-loving donors followed at the end of the blood drive. “Every year I try to make it,” said Vandalia donor Terri Walters who made her 54th donation Thursday. “We usually have the orange Creamsicle flavor, but we tried the salted caramel.  They say it’s new this year – and it was delicious!”

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