Alaska Fun Fact: Panning for Gold

Gold mining is not a thing of the past in Alaska. Near Fairbanks, Juneau and Nome, you can find large-scale hard rock mines. Alaska currently produces more gold than any state except Nevada. In fact, the largest gold nugget on record, weighing 294 troy ounces or just over 20 pounds, was found during the summer of 1998 in the Ruby District of Northern Alaska. It’s called the Alaska Centennial Nugget.

Panning for gold is a popular tourist activity in Alaska with visitors hoping to find a nugget or two to take home.


Woman panning for gold near Fairbanks, Alaska.

Gold panning methods permitted in public areas include using simple pans to swish gravel and sluice boxes that can process more gravel. Panning is allowed in several state parks including Denali and Chugach. You might find “gold in them hills” or just create golden memories you can enjoy for a lifetime.


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 and designated as a National Historic Landmark since 1986, Kennecott is considered the best remaining example of early 20th Century copper mining.

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