Premier Health Blood Drive AwardPremier Health provides health care for patients across the Miami Valley with the largest private work force in the Dayton region, and many of those employees are doing even more to help others by donating blood.

Premier Health headquarters in downtown Dayton is an award-winning sponsor of Community Blood Center blood drives, and five area hospitals in the Premier Health network of health care facilities also host multiple employee blood drives every year.  Volunteer coordinators fill the appointment schedules in advance and on the days of the blood drives employees are allowed to leave their work stations and spend about an hour giving blood.

CBC honored Premier Health headquarters in May with the LifeSaving Ambassadors Club Platinum Award for 2015, the highest award for blood drive excellence.  In 2015, Premier Health headquarters hosted five blood drives totaling 197 registrations to donate, including 22 first-time donors and 172 units of blood collected.

Premier’s Miami Valley Hospital and Atrium Medical Center were also honored as Platinum LifeSaving Ambassadors Club award winners for 2015, and Miami Valley Hospital South was a Silver award winner.

Five Premier hospitals regularly host CBC blood drives, including Atrium Medical Center, Good Samaritan Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital North, Miami Valley Hospital, and Miami Valley Hospital South. In 2015 Premier totaled 23 blood drives with 713 registrations to donate and 615 blood donations. Participation has grown every year, including a remarkable 33 percent increase over 2014.

Kristen Williams, coordinator of the Premier Health headquarters blood drives, began donating in 2007.  She knows that as an O negative “universal donor,” her blood type is in high demand.  “I fell in love with it,” she said, “So much that if I got deferred, I cried.  But I figured out I don’t need to cry – just try again. It’s one thing I can do any time.  I always have blood with me.”

Premier’s Bill Ryan made his 24th lifetime donation – the equivalent of three gallons – at Premier’s July 21 employee blood drive.  Bill is both an O negative donor and a CMV negative donor, meaning his blood is negative for the common Cytomegalovirus, which is preferred for pediatric patients.  “It goes to kids,” he said.  “I would want someone to do the same for my kids, to give that hope to them.

Premier donors are proud of their company’s support for blood donations. “It’s great to be able to donate during the work day,” said Bill.  “You don’t have to go after work. They support us by letting us do this for an hour because they understand the importance of helping out the community.”

Taking part in blood drives is consistent with Premier Health’s mission to build healthier communities, said Angela Booth-Jones, director of infection prevention at Premier Health.

“Giving blood is such a direct way for our employees to contribute to the health of the Dayton community, and this award validates that hundreds of them are coming forward to help,” said Angela.

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