Fred Haller 200 LTD

Beavercreek donor Fred Haller reached a remarkable milestone on his “Donor for Life” journey with his Aug. 15 platelet donation at the Dayton Community Blood Center.  His donor history shows it was his milestone 200th donation, but Fred considers it more of a “tag team” effort with his wife Sarah.

Fred started donating in Cleveland and moved to Beavercreek in 1987.  He retired four and half years ago after a career in accounting and 22 years with Pfizer.  “Prior to that, I did it sporadically because I traveled frequently,” Fred said.

He was a whole blood donor for many years, but switched to donating platelets and plasma exclusively in 1998.  He now keeps a robust schedule of two apheresis donations a month, one a platelet donation and the other platelets and plasma.

“It’s something I can do,” he said. “Because I have the time, and it’s always good to give back.”

But on the day of his milestone accomplishment, his thoughts were about his wife Sarah and how she has been part of the milestone.

“My wife was a routine donor,” he said.  “But she has a condition that prevented her from donating a few years ago. “  Sarah had to stop in 2003 after her 169th lifetime donation.  It was not easy for her.

“It was important for her to donate, especially to help cancer patients, because she was a cancer patient,” he said.  “When she had to stop donating a few years ago, but I told her, ‘You have to stop donating but don’t worry. You just pass the baton to me and I’ll pick up the slack.’”


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