Seton Catholic High School Blood Drive Award

RICHMOND, Indiana – Seton Catholic High School may seem small with less than 100 students old enough to be blood donors, but it stands tall in blood drive excellence.  Community Blood Center honored SCHS for the second year in a row with a $1,000 High School Leadership Grant.

CBC Account Representative Melinda Frech presented the 2015-2016 award for “Highest Percentage of Blood Drive Participation” to Principal Rick Ruhl during the school’s morning assembly on Wednesday, Aug. 24.

Seton Catholic High School had only 96 eligible donors in 2015-2016, but they enthusiastically supported the school’s three blood drives with participation by 152 percent of enrollment.  It was the third CBC High School Leadership Grant awarded to Seton Catholic in the last two years.  The school won two grants last year in the categories of “Second Highest Percentage of Enrollment” and “Most Improved.”

“As a Catholic school we continually try to help our young people serve those in need, to love serving, to love God, and love others,” said Principal Ruhl. “We see blood drives as a very visible way for them to learn to do it.”

Faculty member Shaunna Stamm is the blood drive coordinator and Student Council is the student sponsor group under faculty advisor John Markward.

In the 2015-2016 school year 118 high schools hosted 226 blood drives in CBC’s 15-county region of eastern Indiana and western Ohio.  CBC annually awards five High School Leadership Grants.  Other 2015-2016 recipients are Wayne High School for “Most Donors,” Butler Tech Bioscience Center for “Second Highest Percentage of Participation,” Warren County Career Center for “Most Improved,” and Fairmont High School for “Red Cord Excellence.”

Seton Catholic will host its first blood drive of the school year on Dec. 12.

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