Louie Huart - Kettering

When Kettering donor Louie Huart isn’t volunteering his time as a “Gift of Life Courier” for Community Blood Center, he’s making time for one of his regular whole blood donations.  He reached a remarkable milestone on his Aug. 25 visit to the Dayton CBC Donor Center with his 200th lifetime blood donation.

Louie was well aware his milestone was approaching, and he made sure his friends on social media shared his excitement. “I’ve been driving my friends crazy on Facebook,” he said. “For the last four days I’ve been posting ‘T-minus four days… T-minus three days.’  Everybody was wondering, what’s happing in four days?”

Social media is full of surprises, and Louie’s answer didn’t fail to amaze. “I tell them that I’m giving my 25th gallon of blood, and they say, ‘Do you have any left?’”

Louie estimates it has taken him about 25 years to reach his 25 gallon milestone.  “It was probably back in ’85 or ’86,” he said about the beginning of the journey. “Probably back when I started work at Standard Register.  Then I started coming down here to the Community Blood Center.”

Louie and his wife Bonnie have been married 41 years. They have two daughters and five grandchildren.

As a whole blood donor, he must wait eight weeks between donations.  But he’s been making weekly visits to CBC during his five and a half years as a volunteer courier.  “On Monday afternoons I drive blood to the hospitals,” he said.

What keeps Louie on the road delivering the Gift of Life, and in the donor room donating the Gift of Life?  “Dedication,” he said. “I just enjoy doing it.”

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