KETTERING, Ohio – The Kettering Fairmont High School class of 2016 has left a legacy of helping save lives and helping their school.  Community Blood Center awarded a $1,000 High School Leadership Grant to Kettering Fairmont recognizing student donors who gave blood multiple times during their high school years.

CBC presented the award for “Red Cord Excellence” on Sept. 15 to senior members of the United Student Body, the student government organization that sponsors Kettering Fairmont blood drives.  The award is an indicator of strong student support at multiple blood drives.  The class of 2016 had 81 graduates who qualified for the CBC Red Cord Honor Program by registering to donate at least three times during their high school career.

“As a whole school we are supportive of the blood drives,” said Kettering Fairmont Activities Director Corey Miller who serves as faculty advisor for the United Student Body and blood drive coordinator.  “Students see teachers and staff members donating on the bed next to them and that stands out to the kids.”

Many Red Cord recipients began donating at age 16, which requires parental consent. “The 16 year olds get excited – ‘I’m 16 and this is something I can do,’” said Cory. “Bringing the blood drive to them is helpful for the first time because they’re comfortable donating in their school.”

Kettering Fairmont hosted two CBC blood drives in 2015-2016 and registered 407 donors.  Fairmont had the second highest number of donors among the 118 high schools in CBC’s 15-county service area, ranking second only Wayne High School with 472.

Wayne won the CBC High School Leadership Grant for “Most Donors.” Other grant winners included Seton Catholic High School for “Highest Percentage of Participation,” Butler Tech Bioscience Center for “Second Highest Percentage of Participation,” and Warren County Career Center for “Most Improved.”

Kettering Fairmont will host two blood drives in 2016-2017 beginning with a fall blood drive Nov. 3 and a spring blood drive March 10, 2017.

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