Butcher, baker, candlestick-maker? That old nursery rhyme resume has nothing on Dayton donor David Wiechel. He’s a lawyer, a preacher, and a water department worker.  He’s also a disciplined dieter, and as of Sept. 19, a Community Blood Center “Donor for Life” with 100 lifetime blood donations.

David started donating in high school in Newark, Ohio and became a platelet and plasma donor back in the 70’s.  “It was when they used the two-arm machines and it took three and a half hours,” he said.

He reached his milestone with a platelet donation, and proudly noted that he has lost 40 pounds since March.  His goal is to turn back the clock to the days when he had a 34-inch waist and weighed 250 pounds.

He once ran a law practice and is a former full-time pastoral minister. His longest service was with the Story-Hypes United Methodist Church in Springfield. His wife is still a pastor.

He’s worked in large law firms and retired from private practice after a heart attack in 2011 that temporarily affected his vision and made reading difficulty.  It also impacted his blood donation schedule. “I was off a year and got right back at it,” he said.

For a total change of pace he took a job with the City of Dayton Water Department.  He made his 100th donation wearing his work boots and blue jeans.

“It’s more like the work I did when I was young,” he said. “I worked in construction then and drove heavy equipment. I like that I can put in a good day and clock out and go home.”

His commitment to blood donations remains as regular as clockwork.  “Not everybody thinks of community anymore, when it’s something we all have responsibility for,” he said. “There are people who can’t or won’t donate. For some of us who can and will donate it’s an important thing to do.”

“It’s probably more important than paying taxes!” he said with a smile, and added some legal advice. “But the IRS won’t agree with that!”

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