KETTERING, Ohio – Archbishop Alter High School students helped save lives with their blood donations Thursday, Nov. 18 by hosting a “Unity in the Communities Blood Drive.” At the same time they were helping support “Brigid’s Path,” a new treatment facility for babies born with addiction.

The Alter community chose “Brigid’s Path” to receive a gift of $1,000 from the “Unity in the Communities” campaign.  Universal 1 Credit Union donated $500 each to rivals Alter and Fairmont High Schools for hosting “Unity” blood drives in November.  The schools will combine the awards and present $1,000 to “Brigid’s Path” at the Dec. 3 Alter vs. Fairmont varsity basketball game.

“They’re just getting on their feet,” Alter blood drive coordinator and school nurse Jeanne Kernan said about the new treatment facility. “Parents and students felt it was a good time to help them, and it’s a need in the area.”

Brigid’s Path is renovating a donated building in Kettering and is getting closer to opening as it completes a $1.9 million dollar fundraising goal.  Its mission is to provide short-term, in-patient care to newborns suffering from prenatal drug exposure. Learn more at https://brigidspath.org/.

“I’m really excited for it because I think it’s important to our community,” said senior Abby Schimpf, a member of the CURE club, a cancer research advocacy and support group that sponsors Alter’s blood drives.

“We need to spread the knowledge of this to the people in our school that heroin doesn’t only effect adults. It impacts all these babies, and we can do so much to help them.”

Alter students supported the “Unity” blood drive Thursday with 58 registrations to donate, including 26 first-time donors and 46 blood donations.  Fairmont’s Nov. 3 Unity blood drive totaled 224 donors, 109 first-time donors, and 174 donations.

The schools combined Unity blood drives resulted in 282 donors, 135 first-time donors, and 220 donations.

Junior Brendan Plate made his first blood donation at the Alter Unity blood drive. He was impressed to learn the Unity campaign will be supporting Brigid’s Path.

“I think that’s really cool,” said Brendan. “We are so lucky.  We’re born with parents who are not addicted to heroin, in a family and neighborhood that doesn’t have to worry about that.  It’s important to help anyone struggling with that.”

Brendan Plate 1 lTD.JPG

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