Beavercreek donor Sherman “Sherm” Benson thought helping save lives would be “a good way to start the New Year” and he celebrated the arrival of 2017 in style by making his milestone 100th lifetime blood donation on Jan. 3 at the Dayton Community Blood Center.

“I started targeting it after my donations got into the 90’s, without paying too much attention,” said Sherm. “Then I started saying, ‘It would be pretty neat to do 100.”

It was one milestone year to another for Sherm and his wife Mary.  They celebrated their 50th anniversary last May.  They have three children and two grandsons.

Sherm retired from Delphi Chassis in 2001.  Over the decades he consistently donated whole blood at the Dayton CBC and then became a platelet and plasma donor. “I did apheresis for a while,” he said. “My platelet count got a little low so I decided to do whole blood.”  That included a break from donating between 2009 and 2014.

“I stopped for a while, and started back,” he said. “It was because of awareness.  I saw the messages asking for donors.”

Sherm’s blood type is O positive, the universal blood type for anyone with Rh positive blood. He went back to donating four to five times a year and reached his milestone.

“It was just the awareness of the need,” he said. “It’s a fairly easy way to contribute and help out the community.”

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