Kettering’s Susan Darcy became Community Blood Center’s first female donor of the New Year to reach the personal milestone of 100 lifetime blood donations when she gave blood Monday, Jan. 9 at the Dayton CBC Donor Center.  Ironically, Susan doesn’t even consider herself the top female donor in her family.

“My mother was my biggest influence,” she said in praise of her mom Dot.  “She just turned 90 this year. If she could still give, she would.”

With Dot’s example and encouragement, Susan started the journey to her milestone donation back when she was a student at Meadowdale High School.  “I was probably 17 or 18, whenever you were first allowed to donate,” she said.

Susan and her husband Tim have been married 42 years and have five children and two grandchildren.  She has donated platelets in the past, and occasionally donated at mobile blood drives.  Most of her donations have been at the Dayton CBC.  In recent years she dedicated herself to donating as often as possible, again with her mother’s example in mind.

“I dropped out for a few years at a time when I was raising the kids,” she said. “I wanted to set an example for them, so I came back.  It’s one of the easiest things you can do to help your fellow man, so why not do it?”


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