Community Blood Center donors and Collection Services staff members joined forces during the holiday season to help both patients in need of blood and disadvantaged people in the Dayton area in danger of going hungry.

CS staff raised $180 in cash through its annual “Christmas Stocking” charity fundraiser. Donor Room Manager Robert Snowden also continued the CBC tradition of accepting Kroger gift cards from blood donors to add to the staff donation. Donors contributed $270 in gift cards for a total donation of $450 to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.

Everyone who registered to donate Dec. 23 and the Dec. 26 at the Dayton CBC Donor Center received a $10 Kroger gift card as a thank you for supporting CBC during the challenging holiday period.

Robert and CS Education and Training Coordinator Zach Stroup presented the cash and gift cards to the St. Vincent de Paul Pantry during its Wednesday, Jan. 11 food distribution day.  The Panty was bustling with an army of volunteers who loaded food bags into shopping carts for the clients who had filled every seat in the Pantry waiting area.

“We served over 300 people today and more than 30,000 over the last year here at the Pantry,” said Pantry Volunteer Manager Sunnie Lain.

Sunnie and Community Enterprises Manager Krys Davidson accepted the donation, along with Pantry volunteers Sharon Elliott and Linda Keller.

“This time of year donations are actually falling off because many like to give before the holidays,” said Krys. “So for you to come now is a blessing, its perfect timing!”


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