Beavercreek’s David Brandenburg is a “Donor for Life” and an enthusiastic cheerleader for his fellow members of the blood donation community.  It’s now David’s turn for congratulations after making his milestone 200th lifetime donation Wednesday, Jan. 25 at the Dayton Community Blood Center.

“I know it helps a lot of people,” David said. “I like to congratulate everybody I see on the Community Blood Center Facebook page for what they’ve done. If I can get someone to donate, the more people that donate, the less others have to.  It’s needed because they can’t make blood yet!”

David said he began donating whole blood in the late 70’s or early 80’s while working at the former Dayton Walther Corporation truck component plant. “A co-worker had cancer in their family and needed some help,” he said. “A bunch of us from work went down to donate.”

That soon led to regular CBC blood drives at Dayton Walther.  “We got the mobile unit to come over and I kind of kept it up after that, donating whole blood.”

David began donating platelets and plasma in 2010 and soon reached his 100th donation milestone.  He tries to donate every two weeks, a pace that quickly brought him to his 200th donation milestone. He made 21 donations in 2016 and reached his 200th with his third donation of 2017.

He left Dayton Walther when it closed in 2001 and worked for the union until retirement in 2005.  He continues to support CBC and blood donations, but that’s not all that keeps him busy.  David and his wife Brenda have been married 45 years and have two daughters and six grandchildren. “They’re a lot of fun!” he said.

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