Sinclair Spring Blood Drive

Sinclair Community College wrapped up another successful year of partnering with Community Blood Center with a strong showing for the final campus blood drive of the academic year Monday, April 3 in the library.

“We sponsor two blood drives each semester,” said Anthony Hinders of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, who worked the Donor Café with fellow volunteers Sharon Olivares, Teresa Hitch, Ethan Risner, Cora Thomas and Zoe Mornhinweg.  “Most people know about it through emails but we’re always available to give information.”

Phi Theta Kappa and the Sinclair finished the school year strong with 38 donors at Monday’s blood drive, including nine first-time donors and 33 donations for 118 percent of the collection goal.

Sinclair’s four blood drives during the 2016-2017 academic year totaled 148 donors, 41 first-time donors and 122 donations with an average of more than 105 percent of collection goal.

Nursing students helped fill the donor beds Monday in the lounge area overlooking the library stacks.  Sarah Longoria started donating at Lebanon High School and made her fourth lifetime donation Monday. She plans to pursue her bachelor’s degree and become an RN.

“It’s because I just like helping people in as many ways as I can,” Said Sarah. “If I can give my blood to someone to help them, then I will.”

Ashley Sigler is also a nursing student with plans to complete a bachelor’s degree at Ohio University. “Eventually I want to work with kids who have cancer,” she said.  Monday was her first donation at a Sinclair blood drive.

“I was here studying and I saw the sign and said, ‘Why not?’” she said.

Her friend and fellow nursing student Alex Hendrickson made her milestone 5th lifetime donation Monday.  She started donating at Tri County North High School and studied Allied Health at Miami Valley Career Technology Center. “I want to be a nurse practitioner in the NIC (Neonatal Intensive Care) Unit,” she said.

It was also a milestone day for Dennis Duncan, a regular supporter of the Sinclair blood drives.  Dennis studied graphic design at Sinclair and now works as the web cell coordinator in the nearby Sinclair Bookstore.  “The timing of the blood drives usually works for me,” said Dennis.

This time when he climbed the stairs from the Bookstore to the blood drive it was to make his 16th lifetime donation, the equivalent of two gallons of blood. “Just so I can do something to help out,” he said.

Sinclair will launch the 2017-18 school year with a CBC blood drive on Sept. 5.

Phi Theta Kappa volunteers

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