Richmond Student Council Volunteers

RICHMOND, Indiana – Young donors at Richmond High School not only boosted Community Blood Center’s Easter weekend blood supply with their April 14 “Good Friday” blood drive, they may be forging two new traditions .

For the second consecutive year blood drive coordinator and Student Council advisor Hunter Lambright agreed to schedule the blood drive on Good Friday, a time when many other high schools are on spring break and many donors are busy with Easter travel.

“We did the Good Friday blood drive last year, and I said if it works out, let’s do it again,” said Hunter. “We also worked at trying to get some adults from the community to come in.  We had at least two parents.”

The result was 106 donors, including 46 first-time donors and 82 donations for 103 percent of the collection goal.

A second tradition in the works is the brewing competition between Student Council, sponsors of the spring blood drive, and the Red Devil Mentors, sponsors of the fall blood drive, to see who can recruit the most donors.

The result was a win-win for both sponsor groups.  The fall blood drive had more donors (109 to 106) but the spring blood drive had one more donation (82 to 81).  The two blood drives combined for 215 total donors, 109 first-time donors, and 163 blood donations.

Karalyn Kramer is a member of both Student Council and Red Devil Mentors, the student group that guides new students through the chaos of freshmen orientation.  She supports the idea of the friendly competition, even though she won’t take sides in the blood drive challenge.

“We kind of want to make it more fun with a competitive spin to energize more people to come out and support Student Council in the challenge,” she said. “No matter who wins, getting more people to come out was the main goal.”

Giving blood was an important goal for sophomore Jasmine Walsh. “I wanted to do it last year as a freshman,” she said.  This year she turned 16 and was able to donate with her parents’ consent. “This year I found out I could do it – I felt so excited!”

Senior Hannah Berry made her second lifetime donation at the Good Friday blood drive. She plans to study nursing at Ball State University next year. “It helps people,” she of donating, and it gives her insights into health care.

“I asked (her phlebotomist) if it makes her nervous to stick needles into people,” said Hannah. “She said, at first!”

Senior Taylor Jackson made her second lifetime donation Friday.  She’s considering entering the CBC/Vectren Lead The Way Creative Scholarship competition before the April 20 deadline.  The scholarship challenge is to create a blood drive marketing campaign.

“I was just thinking of different things I’ve seen here and at blood drives I helped with,” she said. “I’m looking for a main idea that students would be attracted to.”

She may be inspired by the Good Friday dedication and Student Council challenge at the Richmond spring blood drive.

Jasmine Walsh 1 LTD

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