Dominic Frazee-Crawford 1 LTD

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio – The “Warrior Way” of giving blood to help save lives made Wayne High School the top-ranked blood drive school in Community Blood Center’s 15-county region for 2015-2016. The reigning champions completed the 2016-2017 year in style on Monday, May 1 with their third and final blood drive.

Monday’s blood drive finished strong with 139 donors, 33 first-time donors and 100 donations for 94 percent of the collection goal.  Wayne also hosted blood drives in September and January, and the three blood drives combined for 411 donors, 130 first-time donors and 309 blood donations.

Wayne won’t know until the fall whether this year’s total was high enough to defend its “Most Donors” award for 2015-2016 and earn another CBC $1,000 High School Leadership Grant.  But the Warriors believe they gave it their best shot.

“We do what we do every year,” said Jennifer Conti, who is co-blood drive coordinator and co-advisor of the National Honor Society student sponsor group with Leslie Perry.  “We had 186 slots,” said Leslie. “That’s what we had and they filled them up.”

To win the Leadership Grant Wayne Last year Wayne had to out-perform 118 high schools hosting 226 blood drives.

“They want the opportunity to donate,” said Jennifer.  “They get upset if they are turned away. We don’t have to sell if very much.”

“Our kids pretty much enjoy donating,” said Leslie. “They put it out there for everyone and they try to come and donate.”

Senior Sterling Newsome is a good example of Wayne’s dedication.  He has donated at every Wayne blood drive since turning 16 his sophomore year and made his seventh lifetime donation Monday.  “It’s a good thing to do,” said Sterling.  “My brother always donated every time. It’s the right thing to do.”

Getting started early as a blood donor is a trend at Wayne. Sophomore Ethan Depriest turned 16 in time for Wayne’s September blood drive and made this third lifetime donation Monday. “I saw everyone else doing it and I thought it was a good way to help others,” he said.

“It’s just the idea of helping others,” said sophomore Abigail Piersall, a first-time donor who hopes to become a physician.

Sophomore Dominic Frazee-Crawford wanted to donate as a freshman, but had to wait until turning 16 to make this first donation at Monday’s blood drive.  “It seemed like a really fun idea and a very different thing to do,” he said.

“I just know a lot of people who go to blood drives, a lot of my friends,” said junior Payton McIntosh, who made his fourth lifetime donation Monday.

Senior Wendell Wheeler transferred to Wayne, played football the last two seasons, and earned a scholarship to the University of Cumberland in Kentucky.  He said the support for blood drives is different at Wayne.

“They drive people to do it,” he said. “I transferred here last year. At my old school they didn’t do that. This school encourages students to try new things.”

Donating isn’t new to senior Aareiona Womack.  She made her third lifetime donation Monday, qualifying for CBC’s Red Cord Honor program.  She’ll be studying health science at Tennessee State University next year and plans to become a physical therapist.

“I thought it would be a good thing to do,” she said about her career as a Wayne blood donor. “It makes me feel better knowing I can save lives. It makes me feel good.”

Abigail Piersall 1 LTD

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