Greenview 2017 Red Cord Honor School

JAMESTOWN, Ohio – Greeneview High School went all the way to Friday, May 19 on the school calendar to squeeze in a third blood drive and the region’s final Community Blood Center high school blood drive of the 2016-2017 academic year.

Spring is always a busy time in the high schools and May is the most complicated of all with exams, award events, and graduation all filling up space on the schedule.  Greenview’s blood drive came with just one week left in the school year and graduation coming up June 2.

“We had some scheduling issues with testing rescheduled for today,” said Greeneview’s Chris Robin who serves as the blood drive coordinator and faculty advisor to the National Honor Society, the student blood drive sponsor group. “We have about 20 seniors taking tests, and they’re the biggest givers. But we opened it up to whoever could donate.”

Student donors rose to the challenge, helping the blood drive reach 110 percent of the collection goal with 47 donors and 33 donations.  There was a big boost from 18 first-time donors, Greeneview’s highest number of the year.

Sophomore Kaleb VanHorn was one of the first-time donors.  “I always wanted to,” said Kaleb, who needed a parent’s signature to donate at age 16. “My mom and dad did it when they were growing up.”

Greeneview High’s three blood drives during the 2016-2017 school year totaled 114 donor, 86 donations and 33 first-time donors.

Friday’s final high school blood drive across CBC’s 15-county region rounded out a year of 220 blood drives hosted by 113 high schools, resulting in 14,322 registrations to donate, 6,218 first-time donors and 11,185 blood donations.

CBC also awarded nearly 2,500 Red Cords to graduating seniors who qualified for the Red Cord Honor Program by registering to donate at least three times during their high school years.

“I really want to graduate with the Red Cord,” said junior Hunter Richards who made his first lifetime donation Friday.

Sophomore Hannah McCleese, another 16-year-old donor, was determined to make her first lifetime donation before the end of the school year.  Her reason was simple: “To help people,” she said.

Kaleb VanHorn 1 LTD

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